Rules for initiatives

Tech for Sustainability is an NTT DATA-NTT DATA project in collaboration with Teaming Foundation. Its aims to promote non-profit tech-based initiatives that focus on the areas of Digital Education, Diversity and Inclusion, the Environment and Human Rights.

Tech for Sustainability has made a crowdfunding platform based on the Teaming model available to social initiatives with the characteristics described. Through this platform, non-profit initiatives can gain visibility and support from people who are sympathetic to their causes and want to become a donor for less than the cost of a coffee. These people are called ‘Teamers’ (see Fundraising dynamic).


The purpose of this document is to establish the rules and regulations for participating in Tech for Sustainability 2021, organised by NTT DATA SPAIN S.L.U for presenting projects on social responsibility and causes that can be financed through micro-donations (from now on referred to as Initiatives).

The submission of Initiatives for registration implies acceptance of and compliance with these rules.

Eligible initiatives

To be evaluated, the Initiatives submitted to Tech for Sustainability must meet the following requirements:

1. Be tech-based: to reach its objectives, technology must play an essential role in achieving a social/environmental goal; or help reduce the digital gap (difference between some people, – given their age, location, gender, ethnicity or origin – concerning their access and knowledge of new technologies). The initiatives will be arranged into the following sub-groups on the platform:

a. Digital education

b. Diversity and inclusion

c. Environment

d. Human rights

2. Be non-profit: the objective is not to do business but to help solve a social/environmental issue altruistically.

3. Have an impact on society or the environment: the cause’s objective must be to improve the life of people or the environment, especially within one of the following areas:

  • Digital education: initiatives that provide digital education for different groups (to help reduce the digital gap).
  • Diversity and inclusion: projects that promote diversity (gender-based, cultural, generational diversity, i.e. by integrating older people, or support people with disabilities, etc.).
  • Environment: projects that develop initiatives/solutions that solve problems or reduce negative impacts in areas such as climate change, sustainable transport, clean/renewable energy, net zero, plastic free.
  • Human rights: causes that protect human rights (ethical artificial intelligence, sustainable finances, cybersecurity, data protection, etc.).

4. Be supported/promoted by a legally formed non-profit-making organisation: Anyone can put forward an initiative; however, it must be managed or promoted by an entity (Association, Foundation, non-profit-making organisation). For example, X submits the cause they are working on with ‘non-profit-making entity Z’ to help a group at risk of exclusion with which said entity works to improve their life quality through the use of technology.

The non-profit entity’s legal constitution will be verified prior before it is registered in Tech for Sustainability.

5. Be an active initiative: Initiatives that are submitted must be in progress, i.e. although they need support from Tech for Sustainability to tackle other stages of the project or be able to broaden their positive impact, they must already be somewhat developed.

6. Be within the area of action: initiatives must belong to entities (Associations, Foundations, non-profit-making organisations formed in any of the countries where NTT DATA-NTT DATA is: Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

NTT DATA reserves the right to include other types of initiatives on the platform in response to internal interests and/or emergency situations. More specifically, initiatives outside the aforementioned fields can be considered if they are put forward by employees of NTT DATA, provided they are duly greenlit by ESG and serve a global interest.

Registering initiatives

everis-NTT DATA will assess the initiatives for their inclusion on Tech for Sustainability in accordance with the points outlined in the section “Eligible initiatives”. Forms will be made available on the platform and applicants will be required to fill in the necessary information. NTT DATA-NTT DATA may request additional information from the initiatives’ representatives, wherever it deems necessary.

If the requirements are not met, further information will be requested from the submitters of the Initiative, who must provide it within 7 days of their request. If the information is not received or if it is insufficient in the opinion of NTT DATA SPAIN S.L.U, the Initiative will be rejected.

Once the application is approved, to be included on Tech for Sustainability, the initiatives will also be published on the Teaming platform of the country where it is based, given that all donations will be managed via the Teaming platform.

Information and documentation needed from initiatives

Tech for Sustainability will request the following information and documentation from initiatives so they can be assessed:

  • About the initiative:
    • Initiative name.
    • Initiative summary (500 characters).
    • Initiative image.
    • Name of the entity that manages the initiative.
  • Person responsible for the initiative:
    • Name and surname(s).
    • Official identification document.
    • Contact details (email and telephone).

Once the initiative has been validated, we need the following information to be able to register it and publish it on Tech for Sustainability and Teaming:

  • About the entity that manages the project:
    • Registered name.
    • Official registration document, which proves the entity is registered and shows the registration date.
    • Official website and/or social media channels.
    • Bank account number (where the raised funds will be sent).
    • Bank account holder certificate issued by the bank.

Please note: Only the first three points and the entity’s name will be published on the platform. The rest of the data will only be used to assess the cause with regard to its suitability and for security purposes.

The submission of supporting documentation for each Initiative ensures that the information provided must be true and faithful.

Fundraising dynamic

Once approved, each initiative will be provided a URL that it can share with its community and circles of influence to encourage people to donate.


  • A “Join in” button will appear for each of the initiatives. People who want to help the cause will click on it and the system will show the steps needed to donate: sign-up and selecting a payment method.
  • Everyone who donates (Teamers) will donate the same token amount. Depending on the country, donations will be:
    • 1 EUR per month in Europe.
    • 1 GBP per month in the United Kingdom.
    • 4,000 COP in Colombia.
  • Donations are not made on a one-off basis, they are recurring. The donation is a token amount to make fundraising accessible to everyone and so that we are all equal in helping the initiative. However, to make a real impact, Teamers must support the cause month after month. As such, Teamers will donate €12 a year (in Europe). Donating just €1 a month is a small commitment and means that so many more people can join the cause to help.
  • Teamers do not donate when they sign up. The first donation will be requested on the first day of the month after they have signed up.

Receiving funds

  • Once the campaign has ended, the funds raised will be transferred to the bank account number provided when the initiative was registered.
  • For causes in Europe and the UK, this documentation must also be sent via the Teaming platform when the funds are being sent.


  • Tech for Sustainability (by NTT DATA-NTT DATA & Teaming) is committed to offering the platform at no cost. Each donation made to each initiative will be donated in full. This includes the bank fees, thanks to an agreement with Sabadell bank in Europe and the United Kingdom and NTT DATA-NTT DATA in Latin America. That being said, if a Teamer is donating in a currency other than their own currency, their bank may charge exchange rate fees that we would not be aware of nor can we pay.
  • Tech for Sustainability is committed to objectively analysing each of the proposals in line with the rules given here.
  • Tech for Sustainability is committed to disseminating the Initiatives as widely as possible to achieve the widest repercussions and therefore achieve more donations.
  • The people or entities that put forward an initiative must agree to make use of the platform. Offering this platform at no cost implies an effort in resources that must be given to those initiatives that really want to make use of it. People and entities must therefore agree to share the fundraising campaign among their community and circles.
  • People or entities that put forward an initiative agree to provide accurate information about the cause and use the funds raised via Tech for Sustainability for the initiatives specified.

everis-NTT DATA’s funding to the initiatives

NTT DATA SPAIN S.L.U reserves the right to award a financial prize to the initiatives that receive the most support. This donation and the award mechanism have yet to be defined, and its regulatory terms and conditions will be established in the coming months. NTT DATA SPAIN S.L.U will communicate these to all participants (Initiatives and donors) in Tech for Sustainability as soon as they are approved.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is the sole responsibility of the interested parties to inform themselves in advance and to comply with or accept them at the time of publication.

Campaign duration

Tech for Sustainability is a platform created within the framework of the brands NTT DATA and NTT DATA working together. The campaign will therefore last a fixed time. The platform will be active from September 2021 until February 2022.

Once Tech for Sustainability has ended, the platform will be removed from the Internet, but the Initiatives will remain on the Teaming website.  

Withdrawal of participation

Initiatives can withdraw participation on Tech for Sustainability at any time via the Teaming form. The only requirement for termination is that the funds are sent to the entity. The project will be terminated once the funds are sent.

Tech for Sustainability (by NTT DATA-NTT DATA & Teaming), reserve the right to revoke the approval of an initiative if it were to detect any irregularities, lack of respect or any type of behaviour that is not in line with the project’s values or within the framework of law. Such revocation will be duly justified and comply with the requirements published on the Teaming

The Tech for Sustainability platform is offered free of charge and open to anyone who meets minimum requirements. But our resources are limited, and we must look after the funds raised through it. Therefore, there may be a number of duly justified circumstances under which Tech for Sustainability decides to no longer offer the platform to a particular Initiative.

Intellectual Property

The Tech for Sustainability platform is governed by Spanish law and by national and international legislation on intellectual property.

The texts, designs, images, databases, logos, structure, brands and other components of this site are protected under NTT DATA SPAIN S.L.U in, Teaming’s intellectual and industrial property rights and/or those of third- party owners who have duly authorised their use on the platform.

The reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation, or modification, by any means and in any form of the contents of the platform (texts, designs, graphics, information, databases, sound and/or image files, logos, etc.) is prohibited, except with the prior authorisation of their legitimate owners or when permitted by law.

By providing content to the Tech for Sustainability platform, the presenter of the Initiative declares that they are the legitimate owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights or is authorised to distribute and communicate the content to the public.

The presenter of the Initiative who provides content on and photographs of third parties on the Tech for Sustainability platform declares that they have informed them in advance and that the owners have authorised them to publish said content or photographs on the Tech for Sustainability platform.

However, the presenter of the Initiative authorises, and therefore expressly transfers to Tech for Sustainability, the content provided so it can be reproduced, distributed, and publicly communicated on the website and used by other media in the sector, for as long as the platform is in operation.

In any case, the Initiatives retain the intellectual property rights over the content provided.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The present Legal Terms and Conditions and the other conditions of the Tech for Sustainability platform shall be governed by Spanish law.