Tech for Sustainability

Technology with heart for a better world

Tech for Sustainability, by NTT DATA & Teaming

NTT DATA and Teaming have joined forces for a new project underpinned by the long-standing values held by both our companies: putting talent and technology at the service of people to help build a better world with high-impact social and environmental actions.

In collaboration with Teaming Foundation, we’ve launched Tech for Sustainability, a crowdfunding platform that aims to give visibility to non-profit tech projects and mobilise funding so that they can reach their social objectives.

‘Tech for Sustainability’ promotes and gives visibility to non-profit tech projects that make a positive impact in the following fields:

and Inclusion

Tech for Sustainability promotes social initiatives that use technology to build a today that will pave the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

I want to put forward an initiative

You can submit your application if you know or are part of a tech-based initiative that provides solutions for any of the areas of action and you want others to support your cause. If your initiative passes the selection process, we’ll include it on Tech for Sustainability and on Teaming’s micro-donation platform to encourage other people (Teamers) to contribute and help the initiatives reach their objectives. NTT DATA will award extra funding to the projects that gain the most support.

I want to support an initiative

Do you want to be part of the revolution that aims to have a positive impact on society and the environment? If we join forces, we can transform the world and make it more sustainable. Become a Teamer and join in by supporting local initiatives for less than the cost of a coffee.

* What matters is how many of us there are

Everyone who supports a project donates the same amount. You can support as many projects as you want, but you will only donate a token amount to each one: less than the cost of a coffee. The donation is 1 EUR/month in Europe, 1 GBP/month in the United Kingdom, 4,000 COP in Colombia, 100 MXN in Mexico, in 100 CLP in Chile, 10 BRL in Brazil and 1 PEN in Peru. This means that donating is more accessible to everyone and the impact doesn’t just depend on a few people – it is a global movement. Changing today for a better tomorrow is only possible if we join forces and we all collaborate.

* We make an impact

Since we all donate the same amount, we all make the same impact. Whatever circumstances the Teamers supporting the cause may be, we’ll all be helping in equal measure. We’ll also accompany the initiatives over a period of time, because in order to make a real impact, the initiatives need to build a presence. In Europe, the Teaming model raised more than €6 million in 2020, with Spain leading in its fundraising efforts.

* If we work together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve

Tech for Sustainability promotes transformative initiatives that make a positive impact. We believe that the real transformation happens when change is something that concerns everyone – when we work together to achieve a common goal. Only together can we make this world a better place. Tech for Sustainability puts forward a model that lets everyone be involved by donating and sharing initiatives.

an initiative

a Teamer

an initiative